QB Doc Mgmt System

Store important documents securely, and go paperless with QuickBooks Document Management System

Starting with the 2010 QuickBooks release, QuickBooks users now have access to an integrated Document Management System (DMS) that is simple to use, and a great way to store documents and/or images of paper documents. The QuickBooks DMS lets you attach documents to your QuickBooks records and stay organized by keeping all of your uploaded documents in one central location.
Some examples of how this might be useful:

  • The invoice for a new computer you purchase can be “attached” to the bill you create in QuickBooks when you make the purchase.
  • Support documents for estimates that you create for customers can be linked to the estimates or the invoices.
  • A customer’s P.O. can be stored with the invoice you create.
  • Scanned customer checks can be “attached” to deposits.

The possibilities are endless. This DMS can help you find what you want when you need it, stay organized, and safeguard your important records. It can also help you reduce the size of your physical files, and go a little greener in reducing your need to print everything you want to keep.

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